Hi Murray

We also upgraded from FM6 to FM8 (on Win XP and 2000).  I don't remember 
encountering any problems.  I tested FM8 for our Tech Pubs group, and I 
made the following notes about what I noticed was different: 

    * The Page Up and Page Down keys move the file up or down by one
      screen, not by one page. If you don't like this you can use the
      customui.cfg file to change it.
    * The Print > PDF Setup dialog has more options.
    *  "Document Info" (for a PDF file) is no longer set from the Print
       > PDF Setup dialog. To enter Document Info in FM8:
          o from an open file select File > File Info
          o from a book select the file(s) and select File > File info,
            or right click on the selected file(s) and select File Info.
    * When selecting a font from the drop-down list in Paragraph
      Designer > Default Font > Family, you get a pop-up showing the
      font name in that font.
    * The file names in the book window are in a smaller font, or else
      they just look smaller because they're not bold anymore.
    * The page background in an open file now picks up the "Window"
      background colour from your Windows colour scheme.
    * The tool bar icons are slightly different.
    * If you get sick of the "Undo history will be lost" warning popping
      up every time you close and save a file, you can turn it off in
      File > Preferences > General.

I don't think you will have any problems, but you should probably do 
some testing first.



Murray Moore wrote, on 2/12/2008 7:53 a.m.:
> I have an opportunity to leap several versions and upgrade from FM 6 to FM 8.
> My manager wants to know "Do you see any issues migrating to 8 - it is
> seamless? All our old files are compatible?"
> Any gotchas about which to beware?
> /\/\
> Murray
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