Hi Jennifer:

I haven't seen anyone reply to this, so here's my two cents.

I gave IXGen a try on structured FrameMaker (7.2) last year and couldn't 
get anything useful out of it. Here's a copy of my posting to the 
FrameSGML (Adobe FrameMaker Structured Applications) discussion list, May 
28, 2007, so that you know which features of IXGen I wanted to use:

Hi All:

I've been indexing and I just discovered IXgen, but unfortunately, it
doesn't work on structured index entries. Anyone know of a tool that

IXgen generates an editable list of the index so you can make changes
all in one place (including using search and replace) then writes your
changes back to the original index markers. It also does nice things
like checks that there are corresponding entries for your "see"
and "see also" refrences, and elevates unique subentries. I'm looking
for something like that which will help me clean up my index.

Fei Min

I didn't get any answers, so I could only conclude that IXGen doesn't work 
in a structured environment. Well, to be more precise, IXGen runs in 
Structured FrameMaker, but it doesn't do anything useful for me.

Fei Min Lorente

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IXgen with Structured FrameMaker?

Does anyone out there have experience using IXgen with Structured
FrameMaker? We are currently using FrameMaker 6.0 (unstructured). We're
in the process of moving to FrameMaker 8 (structured). We want to make
sure as we begin using IXgen to index our documents, we do it the best
way for making it work with structured. I know IXgen doesn't officially
work with structure but we've been told that there are people that are
making it work well. Any tips, guidelines, or processes I should be
following? Thanks for all the help in advance!

Jen Collier

Horizon Software International, LLC

Technical Publications Manager

770-554-6353 ext. 283



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