What are the other pagination settings for the files in question, especially 
"1st Page Side"?  Are these defined as singe- or double-sided documents?

If your files are set to start in Right-hand pages, Frame will add a blank left 
page to the file before to ensure the starting side setting is honored.  You 
should probably choose "Next Available", delete the empty pages, and then 
update the book.

On Wednesday, December 03, 2008 14:35, Howard Rauch wrote:

| What am I missing or doing wrong?
| I have a book file which has a number of one-page files. When I
| update the book (i.e., renumber the pages), Frame changes the
| pagination from "Delete empty pages" to "Make page?count even."
| That of course?doubles the?size of the?document. I have set the
| pagination at the book level and in the individual files without
| success, in each case using the Power Save before renumbering.
| In the previous version of this book these were two-page files
| and the pagination was set to "Make page count even" because the
| client wanted files on facing pages. The original book was approx
| 150 pages, so now it should be 75 pages, but it's still 150 pages
| with 75 blank pages.
| I am using Frame 7.0 on a?Windows XP Professional platform
| Thanks in advance for help anyone can give.
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