Hi everyone,

We create PDFs from Frame sources and include PDF bookmarks for chapter
titles and headings. We also include a book mark for the TOC. The
problem I am seeing (and have seen before but can't remember how I fixed
it) is that the "Contents" book mark is expandable. It includes all of
the chapter titles and when you click on a chapter title, it takes you
to that spot in the TOC. This is redundant and not useful since the
chapter titles are listed as book marks under the "Contents" bookmark.

For example, we include:






with appropriate indenting.

The bookmark that results from including TOCTitle is "Contents" which
also includes the chapter titles in the contents. (As you know, the text
of the chapter title in the TOC would be tagged "ChapTitleTOC.")

It is easy enough to remove the unneeded entries in the PDF after it is
generated, but I know there is a fix.

Can anyone help?

Thank you very much...


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