Olga Klenner wrote:

> We use filename markers in FM  to generate context-sensitive help with
> WWP.
> How can I create a filename marker for a mid-topic ID?
> e.g.
> Help page is  "About.html" => FILENAME marker input is "About". This
> easy.
> But: Help page is "Options.html#General" => what do I have to enter
> the FILENAME marker? If I type "Options#General" into the FILENAME
> a page is created called "Options#General.html which in not what is
> needed.

I recently needed to do something like that in ePublisher Pro 9.2. The
solution there was to insert TopicAlias markers, not Filename markers,
in FM. 

In ePP, the TopicAlias marker type is set to a value of "Topic alias."
Since I started from an existing FM/ePP project, I'm not sure if someone
had to set this up manually or it's there by default.

I still have a minor annoyance, though (and maybe some WebWorks guru can
straighten me out). Although ePP obediently inserts an anchor tag in the
HTML where the TopicAlias marker was, the anchor's name attribute is a
numeric value instead of my marker text. 

In the application's onlinehelp.props file, which provides the
context-sensitive help mapping, I'd much rather specify the topic as,
say, "Options.html#General" instead of "Options.html#123456." Is there a
simple way to tell ePP to use the marker text for the anchor name? 


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