> I'm doing editing and layout of a large set of academic papers that  
> have
> loads of footnotes. The organization I'm working for wants to use both
> asterisks AND footnotes in the papers.

When I've wanted to do this I've just typed the asterisk after the  
title, and put an anchored frame into the title (entered the marker  
there), with frame position set to bottom of column if there are no  
real footnotes on the page. Draw a text frame inside the anchored  
frame, set its attributes, and enter the note text. You can probably  
use the same paragraph tag as you use for real footnotes, if not,  
create one, e.g., "Headnote", with the attributes you want (including  
asterisk as autonumber). A hassle, and I'd be interested to know if  
you get a better suggestion.

I forget what happens if there are real footnotes on the first page  
-- you may find "bottom of column" puts the frame below these notes,  
instead of above them. In that case, I think you have to insert the  
anchored frame in the first footnote, with "top of column" as the  
position. This will put the frame immediately above the note, not, as  
you might expect, at the top of the page. Then proceed as above. In  
this case you have to watch that further editing doesn't push the  
text of the first real footnote onto page 2, taking the headnote with  
it. If this happens, display markers, cut the frame, and paste it  
into the title, then reset its position to bottom of column.

If you need asterisks anywhere else in a paper, some variant of the  
above should work, tho' once you get further into the paper, the  
chances of editing messing up position will increase.

If you want anything more complicated, e.g. 2 independently  
autonumbered sequences of notes, the only feasible method, I think,  
is to use the footnote facility for one series and an autonumbered  
sequence of paragraphs functioning as endnotes for the other, with  
cross-refs-to-endnotes in the text formatted to look like note  
reference numbers. (Note that if one of the authors calls you up at  
the last minute and says "please interchange sections 2 and 3" your  
endnote x-ref numbers in those sections will be wrongly ordered, and  
will have to be redone.)

Graeme Forbes

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