I agree that rebooting is usually a good idea and often solves the problem.
But I think it depends on the company that makes the software. I've fixed a
number of problems by completely uninstalling and reinstalling MS sofware,
particularly MS Office.

Another common culprit is anti-virus software.  Shmuel, if rebooting does
not work, try turning your anti-virus software off and see what happens when
you launch FM.  Symantec slowed things down so much on my system that some
files took 10 minutes to open and some would not open at all. And my system
is almost new with a high end CPU and lots of RAM.


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Try rebooting your system first. There may be some resource which is
oversubscribed or locked.

BTW, why are so many of you suffering from "Reinstallzheimers"? In fact,
very, very few problems have been resolved by simply reinstalling software.

        - Dov

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> I can't seem to open FrameMaker today. When I try to open Frame, it
> starts to open and the splash screen appears, but in the end the splash
> screen disappears and Frame is not open.  (There is no Frame.exe process
> either.)
> Should I reinstall Frame? I currently have Frame 7.2 installed, but I
> only have the disk for 7.0. If I install 7.0 will Frame download updates
> for 7.2?
> Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated?
> --
> Regards,
> Shmuel Wolfson
> 052-763-7133

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