As Lester points out, the fonts in use may be dependent on what
printer you have set as the system default. Try setting it to the
Adobe PDF logical printer.

Beyond that, I think the procedure differs a bit depending on whether
you think Times is used by any important components or not. The first
thing I'd do is make a copy of the directory or book, so you can
recover from any changes you make.

One solution is to install Times, or edit your font substitution table.

If you don't want to alter your FM or system setup, the first thing
I'd try is putting the cursor in the first line of text in a file,
opening the Paragraph Designer) and watching the Font tab. As you move
the cursor through the text file, the font will change to show you
what is in use.

If you don't find anything, I'd also try the Reference and Master pages.

Then try the same thing with another file or two until you find something.

If you still don't find anything that uses Times, make a copy of the
file, turn off your Remember Missing Font Preference setting, and open
and save the copy. If the file still works and the formatting is OK,
you've probably fixed the problem. Repeat for the other files in the

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On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 9:08 AM, Christopher Seal <cseal at> wrote:
> FM7.2
> WinXPPro
> A 700-page document I've been given indicates in the console that the
> 'Times' font is not available.
> How do I find where in the book (22 components) where Times is specified?
> The Find>Character Format... does not list Times as a Family to search for
> (of course).
> Regards...Chris
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