Hi Gillian,

Other than the diff report (which I assume provides more details than 
just a time/date stamp) is SVN useful?

I've been wanting some centralized document management for our 
FrameMaker (and other) files for a long time. We have several folks that 
author materials, sometimes in teams. I'd like to have check in/check 
out and versioning at the very least. It would be really cool to be able 
to metatag content and search for it also.

Folks have mentioned going to MIF files or XML. Wouldn't those options 
add steps to the workflow? I assume they (MIF or XML) would affect the 
workflow in a similar fashion. Also, going to XML would require 
structure (I assume) so I don't think we're ready for that. We've 
started to use structure in some docs, but I haven't had time to 
implement that broadly.

What is PDM?


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Flato, Gillian wrote:
> Is there any source control out there that works really well with Frame?
> We have subversion here, but that can only read ASCII files. It stores
> Frame's proprietary files and graphics, but it can't do a diff report on
> them. Or at least, is there any source control that can read PDFs and do
> diff reports on them?
> Has anyone tried using PDM with Frame? My engineers are planning on
> implementing that for their DWG files and I could probably use it too.
> Thank you,
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