Hi, all.

My laptop disk drive started acting flaky, so I had to put a new drive onto the 
system. In this process, I rebuilt my laptop using Windows Vista rather than 
Windows XP.

I am now at the stage of re-installing FrameMaker 8 and have some questions 
(one a bit belated).

1. I assumed that FM 8 works fine on Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Is this 
accurate? (A bit belated of a question, I suppose, but before I waste any more 
time and end up re-installing XP, I thought I would ask here ... hoping to get 
a quick response).

2. I did not cleanly do the UNinstall on my previous drive (either for 
FrameMaker or Acrobat 9) for obviosu reasons. So will re-installing them on my 
new drive cause any headaches with registering these at Adobe? Since the OS has 



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