Is there a way to define a cross-reference format such that this cross
reference does not generate an active hyperlink in a PDF file?

I use cross references as a convenient way to reuse content from a
single location.  I've defined these cross references to show up in
black text whereas the cross references that I want people to link to
are defined to show up in blue text.  I figured that readers will then
know that blue text is a hyperlink and only try to click on that text.
 No one has ever complained -- until yesterday, when an employee
noticed the "hidden" link.  Text insets aren't really practical
because you can only put one pience of content per file.  Variables
might be an option since the reused text is relatively short in my
case, but variables seem a lot more error-prone to me, as I'd always
have to remember to reimport the variable definitions to all the
documents in my book, whereas cross references update automatically.

If anyone knows a way to create cross references that don't convert to
hyperlinks, I'd appreciate it.



p.s.  I'm using unstructured FrameMaker, version 7.2.

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