> > Curiosity question: I see a number of people keeping FM7.2 on their
> > systems. Why? Wouldn't it be simpler to go to FM8 and be done with
it? I
> > don't have a need to send .fm or .book files to people, but if I
did, I
> > could save it in FM7.2 format if needed (as far as I recall) from
> > FM 8.

> Not always true.  While FM8 does offer FM7 (and FM7 MIF) as SaveAs
> choices, there are a few spots where the FM8 UTF-8 encoding still
> appears in the FM7 file.  Numbering strings, for example, when you
> use a \b bullet in the string.  As a result, in Mif2Go, we check
> FM7 files as well as FM8 files for UTF-8, and handle it correctly
> wherever it appears.  But FM7 itself doesn't like UTF-8 at all...  ;-)

> So we'd be wary of using FM8 in a mixed environment for files that 
> will be worked on later by folks who have only FM7.  If you do use
> it, test *very* thoroughly, and look in odd corners like variable
> definitions, xref formats, and those numbering strings.  You may
> be fine, but it's best to find out early if you're not.

Okay ... good points! I guess the fact that I do not need to give/share
files to other folks makes the difference for me.


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