Hi Adriana

If you are "brand new to FrameMaker, and if you want to work with Structured
FM files for print and web-based output, you may want to take a look at


It will give you all the benefits of using an open, international OASIS
standard for structured content and it will prevent you from reinventing the

   - No need to create an EDD from scratch, all EDDs and templates are
   included, and you can easily modify the templates to your corporate identity
   - No need for RoboHelp: you can use FrameMaker to publish your DITA
   content as high-quality PDFs and you can use the free DITA Open Toolkit to
   publish to a variety of output targets, inluding XHTML, HTMLHelp,
   EclipseHelp and JavaHelp
   - All elements and attributes you need have been defined in the DITA
   DTDs, and if you need more or others, you can create specializations.

If you wish to see DITA-FMx at work, feel free to contact me off-list. I can
give you a free web-based demo.

Yves Barbion ? Managing Director ? Adobe-Certified FrameMaker Instructor
www.scripto.nu  ? skype: yves.barbion

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 11:05 PM, Adriana Harper
<adriana.harper at solium.com>wrote:

> Hello,
> A big thank you to everyone who responded with good ideas on how to
> search the Archives. They work nicely and I am moving forward!
> I have a few questions that I hope this great resource can help me with:
> 1.      I am working with Structured FM since I will be doing both print
> and web based help (using RoboHelp).  I made an EDD from scratch using
> formatting, etc. and it seems to work very well with formatting my
> ensuing structured FM files. Is this the only "file" that I need to
> create?  Or do I need a CSS, DTD, etc?
> 2.      I made a few documents to put into a structured book.  I added
> those files into my book. The structure view showed a NO NAME component
> (at the top, which I understand is correct) but dashed red lines to all
> the files, which I understand means there is problem with the document
> structure.  How do I fix this? I imported the EDD from my files into my
> book- is this my problem?  Do I need to make a separate EDD for a book
> structure, and then import that?  If so, is there a template I can work
> off of?
> 3.      I added a TOC to the book.  My files all have Document (as the
> highest level element), with Title, Section and Head elements.  The TOC
> does not show sub-chapters... i.e. I can make the TOC with all the
> titles, all the heads, all the sections, etc. showing up as individual
> parts of the TOC, but not one that shows the Title as the head chapter,
> and then a head as a sub-chapter.  Help!
> 4.      Does anyone have any familiarity with importing into Robohelp
> and creating a webhelp file based on FM?  If so, question: when I import
> my FM document into Robo Help the TOC is still wrong (similar to the
> issues in question #3 - no sub-levels, etc).  Any assistance would be
> greatly appreciated.
> 5.      I tried to make a custom master page (with a footer and a logo
> in the top-right hand corner), and I saved it, and then mapped it to
> apply it to all my files in my book.  When I went to apply it, it would
> not.  Any suggestions? I don't want to make a master page for each FM
> doc in my book (for consistency's sake).
> Finally, I am brand new to FrameMaker.  I have read the Adobe online PDF
> user manual for FM, the developer reference PDF, signed up and gone
> through Adobe online training, and have ordered the "Adobe FM7 Classroom
> in a book" book.  Any other suggestions on how to best learn how to use
> this tool to its full extent?
> Thanks to all,
> Adriana Harper
> Technical Writer
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> Email: adriana.harper at solium.com
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