Can you be clear on what problem(s) you are seeing with the TOC?  It's
rather difficult to offer help when the problems is essentially

When you setup the TOC, did you specify that it was based on elements,
or paragraphs?

If paragraph formats, then you will certainly have a TOC that is useless
useless the EDD is very good about assigning formats to the elements
based on context rules, and also context labels if you have the same
element (e.g. Title) used in multiple parent containers, (such as Figure
and Table.)  Format overrides may still happen, but as a TOC almost
always reformats the information it is no different than TOCs in
unstructured FrameMaker.

If the TOC is based on elements, you will have to verify that the
structure is correctly assigned to the content. If there are multiple
choices for content of a specific element, it may be that these are
incorrect, and thus what you think should be included in the TOC is not
as it is not the correct element.

Based on the questions you've posted in this list, I recommend you get
some training ASAP.  Structured Frame is a great product, but defintely
is more complex than most authors/editors are familiar with and requires
knowledge to use effectively.  It also is not for every project unless
other requirements dictate use of strcutred files.

On Friday, December 12, 2008 11:13, Adriana Harper wrote:

| I am using structured FM. I set up my EDD with font characteristics
| (document = highest level element, all context, font family Arial).
| Then I create a few files, imported my EDD, and the font all changed
| as it should.  But then when I click on that font in the file, it
| all says *Body (as the paragraph format). And when I generate a TOC,
| it does not generate properly (because I think it thinks it is all
| body maybe)...
| Do I need to overwrite my EDD (once it is imported on the file) by
| using the paragraph designer, so that my TOC will generate properly?
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