I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with.

I will be uploading all of my FM 7.2 files to XyEnterprise Contenta
Content Management System (CMS).  Contenta does not allow certain
characters to be used in the file names. As the files are uploaded into
Contenta all of the characters it does not accept are stripped from the
file names.  My FM files have linked graphics and once the characters
are stripped the file name changes and all of my links are lost. 

I need to change the graphic file names and relink all of the files
before I upload the FM files into Contenta.  Does anyone know of an
easier or "automated" way to do this?   I am trying to avoid opening up
every file and re-importing every graphic?

We have just over 200 books linking a total of about 12,000 graphics.


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