We use TortiseSVN and FrameMaker.

The only files sent to the repository are the source FM files, the 
graphic files, and the PDF file. All others, (*.backup, PS files, 
etc.) are not included.


At 12:27 PM +0000 12/15/08, Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:
>I don't seem to find any list committed to working with FM under SVN
>or TortoiseSVN, so I will try and put the problem up here.
>I am testing SVN. My IT has set up a dedicated SVN server and also
>they set up a local SVN Working Copy and I am starting a real test.
>What I am wondering about is what would be the best procedure when
>printing to file and PDF-ing. These, and some other files, IMO, don't
>have any business being uploaded to the repository. Do you try to
>print/save those files to a place outside the SVN library or just try
>not to upload them by accident?
>Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

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