Thanks to everyone who replied. Seems clear that the answer is, NO!

As far as saving as 7.x format, our content management needs require 7.2
files to be fiddled with in order to make them compatible with 6.0.
(Seems like there should be a much simpler solution...)

The company owns several licenses of 7.2 (and 6.0), but none that are
currently available.

Through our local Adobe distributor, I've put in a request to Adobe for
a 7.2 license. Wish me luck!

Thanks again,

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Hi listers,

I have a new FrameMaker 8.0 license (not an upgrade), but for a specific
project, I require FM 7.2. 

If I uninstall FM 8.0, can I use the same license for FM 7.2?

Thanks in advance,

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