I want to do two things:

1-       link words in my FM document to my TOC in the same FM document

2-       link external files to my FM document (i.e. have a word that
says "Conversion Table" and when you click on it, it opens an excel
spreadsheet or PDF of conversion table)

I am trying to insert hypertext markers to accomplish this. However, I
am getting the error: "specify named destination" when I try to link to
an external PDF (I am entering Open Document as my hypertext command,
and " openlink Import demographic Codes.pdf " as the text in the syntax
box) - it also tells me that the document is not a FM document which I
am well aware of.  Even if I change the filename to a FM document, it
then tells me the document does not exist (which it does).

I do not know how to begin accomplishing my #1 goal (of linking within
my document to the TOC, for example).

Thank you.

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