I was doing my first real testing on SVN (TortoiseSVN) yesterday. I
have been issued a meager 8GB space on a server (Windows 2003 Server)
shared with another kind of database.

I had cleaned up a set of my largest manual consisting of a several
hundred files after deletion of all files except the main fm and book
files and a few graphic files, all in all 250MB of files. These I
uploaded to a new repository and imported it into the database where
it seemed to add a lot of files fast, until, ending on the
'db\transactions\4-1.txn\rev', which apparently froze. After more than
half an hour, suddenly the size sprang from some 5GB to more than 7GB
and left me with the message: 'There is not enough space on the disk.'

I have googled and searched some of the SVN related users lists and
have not seen any explanation to this. This seems too bloated to be
normal IMHO.

Can anyone on the list help me or explain this to me?

Thanks beforehand,

Bodvar Bjorgvinsson,
Supervisor Publishing,
Flight Ops,
Air Atlanta Icelandic.

"It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious."
 -- Edsel Murphy, dec.

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