Hi all,

I am new to this group, and pretty new to FrameMaker (but I was a Word 2003
guru, so that helps a bit...).

My question is ... I am taking over somebody else's document, who is no
longer around. Amongst other things, I also have to update the document date
and version number. I found the list of variable definitions that controls
this values (in Word you also have variables, but also you have fields ...
whatever), and so in Master pages mode for the title page, I updated those
variables' values. When I returned to Body pages for the title page, I saw
indeed that the values have been correctly updated. However, when I look at
the headers/footers of other chapters (documents), I see that the old values
are still there. For sure, I can then do the same thing in each chapter, but
is not the variables scope supposed to be global, i.e., thoughout the book?


- avi

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