Hi Brian,

Stubborn missing fonts like this generally are "hidden" in table formats. 
You can use this general process to find and fix them.

1) Go to one of the default master pages (View > Master Pages).

2) Click in the main text frame and insert the first table from your Table 
Catalog (Table > Insert Table).

3) Click in each cell and remove any of the "missing" fonts. You do this by 
applying paragraph formats to the cell paragraphs; of course making sure 
that all of the paragraph formats you apply have valid fonts.

4) Make sure your cursor is in the table and open the Table Designer 
(Ctrl+T). Click the Update All button.

5) Delete the table from the text frame.

6) Repeat steps 2-5 for all of the tables in your Table Catalog.

7) Save the document, close, and reopen it. This should eliminate the 
missing fonts messages.

If you are looking for a faster way (or if the above steps don't work for 
you), follow these steps.

1) Make sure the document is closed.

2) Choose File > Preferences > General and uncheck "Remember Missing Font 
Names". Click Set.

3) Open the document. You will get a message about missing fonts, but this 
time FrameMaker will make a permanent substitution of the missing font or 

4) Save and close the document. The next time you open it, you shouldn't get 
the missing fonts message. If you want, restore the Remember Missing Font 
Names settings in the Preferences dialog box.

There is a way to find fonts through the Find/Change dialog box (Edit > 
Find/Change), but it won't find fonts hidden in table formats anyway.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> All,
> I have been using InDesign for several years and have recently started 
> using FrameMaker (FM8 on XP Pro) again (use dictated in each case by 
> client requirements) after several years away from it.  InDesign has a 
> feature where you can search for the use of a specific font. Does 
> FrameMaker have a similar function? I have a document that says I am using 
> "unavailable fonts" when I open it. I also cannot run the Update Book 
> function because of this same error.
> I have gone through the document page-by-page and do not see any fonts 
> that appear out of the ordinary. I have all of my Paragraph definitions 
> are set to use Arial. I have manually selected all of the text and 
> attempted to force everything to Arial. I then save the file and close. 
> When I re-open, I get the same error.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Brian
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