Does anyone find discretionary hyphens as useless as I do? It appears that 
they only work if hyphenation is turned on in the paragraph style, but if 
the paragraph already hyphenates itself, there is little need for them.

I turn hyphenation off because I prefer not to have hyphenated paragraphs. 
However, there are occasional instances where a word is so long that it 
wraps to the next line and leaves a huge white gap in the line above. It's 
ugly as hell. In those instances, I would like to make an exception and 
allow hyphenation for that word. A discretionary hyphen is supposed to do 
this, but won't. I could use a hard hyphen to break the text, but then if an 
edit ever creates reflow, it creates a problem.

Since a discretionary hyphen is an override, why isn't it set up to also 
work in unhyphenated paragraphs? If anyone agrees with me that it should be, 
please add your voice to the feature request form at Adobe:

Mike Wickham

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