Just a couple of additions to what Stuart said about systematic tag naming.

*  This is a highly recommended way to name paragraph tags and character
tags.  It also works well with variables.

*  The underscore in Stuart's example is only one way to set up the names.
h1Heading1, h1 Heading1, h1-Heading1, and h1_Heading1 all work equally well.

*  Note that tag names and variable names are case-sensitive. h1heading1 and
h1Heading1 are not the same tags.

*  Plan your tag naming so that similar tags appear together in the tag
list.  It makes them easier to learn and use too.  Examples:

h1Heading1, h2Heading2, etc.
b1Bullet1, b2Bullet2, etc.
i1Indent1, i2Indent2, etc.
n1Num1, n2Num2, etc.
txTableText, thTableHeading, ttTableTitle


Diane Gaskill

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Avraham Makeler wrote:
> Hi all,
> I remember that years ago, FrameMaker - Windows (when I last used it for a
> while) did not provide macros and neither did it allow you to assign
> keyboard shortcuts to styles.

Keyboard shortcuts for styles (tags) are built in.  Press F8 (for char)
or F9 (for pgf) followed by the first letter(s) of the tag name, which
appears in the status bar.  Press Enter when the correct tag name is
shown.  If you name your tags systematically, this method is very quick.
  (E.g., h1_heading1, h2_heading2, em_Emphasis... type F9 h1, F9 h2, F8

Or you can press the function key and type the same letter repeatedly:
F9 hhhhhh will cycle through the pgf tags beginning with h.

To repeat the most recent tagging, type Esc cc (for char) or Esc jj (for

> Has there been any improvement in this? v7 ? v8?
> (Then, I used QuickMacros, an excellent Windows macro programming
utility -
> which worked rather well with FrameMaker (v6, I believe).

I'm on 7.0, and there's no macros; haven't heard mention of them in 8.x


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