Here is another newbie question.

FM8 - XP (importing into anchored frames)

I am using Snagit (default image resolution 96dpi, and saving as .jpg) to
capture screenshots for a end user manual which assumes the user needs
visual walkthrough of using a desktop application and a pocket pc.

There are 2 outputs intended:

1.       PDF leveraging all the indexing and cross-referencing

2.       A printed manual

An issue is the volume of screenshots ~ 200 in a ~ 150 page document.

Image files saved as .jpg,  average file size = 44K 

So far the total image in the books is 8MB (gag)

So a question is what format, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF saves the cleanest picture?

During import I choose 150 DPI, am I insane?

I am not sure what resolution is required.  Would less than 96 be


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