Hello Everyone,

Once again I am writing for assistance. We have been
using Frame (currently 7.x on Windows XP) for more
than 12 years but now we are faced with a problem for
which we can't find the answer.

Our purchasing department will no longer allow us to
buy Acrobat. They purchased an enterprise license for
PDF Converter, which is made by Nuance, and they
expect us to use it. No, they did not investigate the
needs of the technical writers before making this
decision. They assumed that everyone at the company
uses Microsoft Word.

The purchasing people also told me that Adobe told
them that PDF Converter does work with Frame. This is
what I am trying to confirm. When I open PDF
Converter, it is not able to find the .fm files. So
how can it work with Frame?

Who can I contact at Adobe that can confirm the above

Emmy Aricioglu

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