Can't help on RoboHelp, but for the change bars, check your paragraph styles 
don't have change bars set. It's on the "Default Font" tab of the paragraph 
designer. And ditto character styles.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Thomas Scalise" <Thomas.Scalise at> 2/02/08 04:03 >>>
Esteemed colleagues,

Two questions, please.

1.      I've got a book that I inherited from a contractor colleague
that exhibits persistent change bars, even though I have repeatedly
turned them off. Edits immediately bring change bars. Can anyone help me
out on this? I'm defeated.
2.      Also, can anyone tell me where RoboHelp for FrameMaker stores
the path to FrameMaker. I recently re-installed RH4FM, after a long
interval, but the program can't find FrameMaker. I can't find an ini
file, or whatever, where I might manually point RH4FM in the right
direction. Adobe help is daunting to access and worthless if you finally
reach it. Forget communication with a real, live human being...ain't
gonna happen.

TIA for whatever advice and assistance you can give me.

Tom Scalise

Manager, Information Development

Cross Match Technologies, Inc


thomas.scalise at 

"I've been told one should have a goal. Mine is to live forever. So far,
so good." 

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