Hi Graeme,

My apologies.  I thought you'd been on the list since about the time I
joined but only had messages from you in my own archive for 5 years.  But I
do remember your messages about footnotes and endnotes and the fact that
neither Frame Technology nor Adobe has not fixed them in all these years.
Good progress on a lot of things, but we still don't have drag and drop

I wonder how many of us there are still on the list from those "olden" days.



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Thanks for the suggestion about using the reference page -- hadn't
thought of that, I'll see if I can make it work.

>Um, just an FYI, Graeme has been on this list for at least 5 years that I
>know of.

This made me wonder. I find in my archives a message dated 10/28/93
that referred to my previous postings complaining about FM's footnote
handling and the failure to fix the problem in FM4. I wish I could
see the funny sode of this.


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