I'm a little confused. WWP 20003 is version 8, but you mentioned WWP 7.0 as
well. WWP 2003 (8.x) works with FM 7.1. I'm not quite sure what version of
WWP you have.

If what you need to change is in the footer of every help topic, it's likely
that the content is not in the FM files (as all other content would
typically be), but rather is in the page.asp file, which is like a page
template for every help output page. You may find that file in the WWP
project folder, but I'm not sure you have that folder.

What do the files you've found do?

As far as I know, you do need the .wdt (think that was WWP 7) or the .wfp
(for WWP 2003) file to be able regenerate everything, without having to
start from scratch to set up styles and such.

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Subject: Revising Help topics created in WebWorks

I have a legacy Help project that was created in Frame7.1 and published via
Webworks Publisher 2003 for FrameMaker. We need to make changes to the
footer in every topic, but have been unable to find the project file for
editing. I was told we should make the changes in Frame and republish the
help with Webworks. Unfortunately, it looks like we cannot make changes to
the current project unless we use the WebWorks Publisher Professional
Edition 7.0. (That would require us to upgrade, but we're not sure the
current version of FM would work with it.)

Is that a correct assumption?

Is there a project file we should be looking for? We have found .wdt and
wfp files, none of which open the project.

Any advice on how to proceed?

Rebecca R. Martin

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Radcom, Inc.

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