Hi, Maxwell:

I'd suggest a slight variation on Clint's suggestion:

Select the affected range of text, open the character designer, click
the Commands button, choose Set Window To As-Is, THEN disable Change
Bars and click apply. The Designers pick up text attributes from the
selection; setting all to as-is first, is a precaution to retain all
local formatting - applied with or without tags - in the selection.

Peter Gold
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On Feb 6, 2008 2:46 PM, maxwell.hoffmann
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> I have a basic, really dumb question about character tags.  (Think I
> know the answer, but need to check.)
> If I apply a character tag for [Change Bars] to several paragraphs, (and
> the char tag is defined all "as is" settings, except for change bar), is
> there anyway to remove the character tag and not wipe out format
> overrides (e.g  [bold] and [emphasis]) character tags on the sentence
> level?
> This is in unstructured FrameMaker, V6.0. I know that the traditional
> way to get rid of a character tag is F8 or [Default Para Tag]. I am
> checking to see if there is some way to remove just one tag and not
> interfere with other format overrides. (I think the answer is there is
> no way.)
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