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> Is there a way to accomplish (Structured FM 7.2 under XP)  
> the following?
> Q. question
> Choices
> A- [Item] + Autonumbering
> B- [Item] + Autonumbering
> C- [Item] + Autonumbering
> D- [Item] + Autonumbering
> Answer: A
> If the right Answer changes to C, for instance, I want the A 
> in Answer  to become automatically C

I don't use structured, but the answer should be approximately the same.

If the choices (A, B, C, D) are autonumbered (with the question pgf set
to restart their numbering), then all you need to do for the answer is
create a cross-reference to the right choice using the <$paranum>
building block. That way, if you rearrange the choices so that what was
A is 3rd in the sequence (and thus renumbered C), when you update xrefs,
the answer xref will update to C. 


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