Hi All,

I'm looking for your advice on the building a repository of Frame insets,
docs, books and referenced graphics. Right now the content is unstructured
but that will change in 6 weeks.

For the sake of usability, I've used something like this in the past:

- TechPubs
 -- graphics
 -- insets
 -- books

It's been a while since I've done this and need your feedback on the
simplest structure and what works for you. My client is also talking about
"when" the repository has to be moved (ugh) I'm thinking if the new
location traverses the root, we'd have to map the drives to reflect the
current structure.

Of course, this is happening at breakneck speed with input about what
people would like minus experience.

Your feedback is appreciated!


Mollye Barrett
ClearPath, LLC
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