Instead of using the numbering properties for the paragraph, you can do
this on a custom master page. If you don't already have one, create a
custom master page and call it something like "FirstPageChapter". In the
master page header, insert the "Chapter Number" variable along with any
text you want on that line (such as "Chapter"). Make any other changes
you want to adjust the margins of the page. Then apply the
FirstPageChapter master page to the page with the chapter title.

For the table of contents, you'll need to modify the TOC reference page.
Generate a toc and then view the TOC reference page. Assuming you are
using a paragraph style called "ChapterTitle", look for a line that uses
the "ChapterTitleToc" style. Before the <$paratext> variable, enter the
"<$chapnum>" variable. You'll need to type this, instead of entering it
via the Special menu. You can also enter text. For example, on of mine
looks lie this:

Chapter <$chapnum> )<$paratext> )............... <$pagenum>

The ) indicates a tab. The page number is right aligned and the tab
leaders are built into the tab.


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Hello Framers,

FM 7.2

I'm designing a new template, and I would like a chapter paragraph style
with the chapter number on one line and the paragraph text on the line
below. Given that it's not possible to enter a forced return in the
Autonumber format for the chapter paragraph style, I was wondering about
the best method to achieve this. If I enter a soft return after entering
the chapter paragraph style, this creates a soft return in the
corresponding table of contents, which then has to be manually removed.
I'm not keen on that. Is the best method just to put a lot of spaces in
Autonumber format box to force the paragraph text onto the next line?
there any drawbacks (perhaps with conversion to PDF or online help)?


Edwin Tudsbery

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