Here's a "quick and dirty" workaround for how to count the words in a
FrameMaker book:

Count the spaces!

The result will not be exact, but will be enlightening. It takes about 2

I tested this on FrameMaker 7:

1) Make a COPY of your book (to protect the original).
2) Open the book file.
3) Open the title page.
4) Invoke the Find/Change dialog (Ctrl F on Windows).
5) In the Look in: field, select Book (not Document)
6) In the Find field, enter a space.
7) In the Replace field, enter a space.
8) Click on Change All. A warning appears.
9) Click on OK. The hourglass appears for awhile.
10) A message with the count appears.
For example: "Made 88724 changes in book"

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