Smart Quotes is on but when I press ' or ", question marks (?) appear 
in Gentium Basic and Minion Pro fonts, not quotes.

Gentium Basic was selected for testing because it is an Unicode 
conforming font that supports every alphabet based on roman or 
cyrillic glyphs, including accents.  It is developed and maintained 
by SIL (formerly Summer Institute of Linguistics) and is a 
high-quality font to support their mission of translating the 
Christian holy books into local languages and is complete within its scope.

Minion Pro was selected for testing because it is from the 
manufacturer's of FrameMaker, so you would think that the developers 
would know, and presumably it came packaged with one of the many 
Adobe products purchased over the years.

Apart from these, Smart Quotes does not work with any *.ps, *.ttf or 
*.otf font from any manufacturer.  Anybody else seen this?  What is the fix?

You can still insert the single and double quotation marks from the 
Character Map on Windows, but what a pain!


P.S.  FrameMaker 8.0p273 (latest patch), originally purchased as part 
of Adobe Tech. Comms Suite.

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