Quick workaround for that ....
Build a book that has only the content files, (No TOC or Index).


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Bookinfo works great, I use it myself.  But one word of caution.  If you
counting the words in a book for localization purposes, be sure to
the number of words in the TOC and index.  These files are not counted
because they are generated from words and phrases (titles, for example)
are would already be translated when the vendor generates the TOC and
for the translated book.

Diane Gaskill

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Subject: How do you count the total number of words in a FM book

Hi Esar,

You can do that with the BookInfo plugin:



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Does anyone have a method of counting the total number of words in a
Framemaker book?  I know I can count the number of words in a file in a
but is there some way of doing this on the book??
Esar (Earl) Rudnikoff
Senior Technical Communicator
Philips Medical Systems Technologies Ltd.
Haifa, Israel

email: erudni at gmail.com



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