You should expect some anomalies as their website warns:

Beta version
These fonts are intended only for preliminary testing, as they contain
bugs. Many aspects of the fonts, including glyph metrics, may change
before the final release.

But thanks for the mentioning the font. I got the above link from an
RGLUG list message today. Real nice fonts. I think I will download the

About the Minion Pro, I don't know if this is of any help but here is
a discussion on problems with diacritics on that font:


On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 10:58 PM, Hedley Finger
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>  All:
>  At Tuesday, 12/02/2008, 04:38 AM;, you wrote:
>  >Your latest message must have been transmitted in MIME format. It
>  >came through silent. :)
>  Now that I've got everyone's attention ... somehow that paste didn't
>  happen and I sent off an empty message.  Sorry if it didn't satisfy
>  your humger for knowledge. [Boom, boom.]
>  >Smart Quotes is on but when I press ' or ", question marks (?) appear
>  >in Gentium Basic and Minion Pro fonts, not quotes.
>  >Apart from these [fonts, selected for testing because high quality],
>  >Smart Quotes does not work with any *.ps, *.ttf or
>  >*.otf font from any manufacturer.  Anybody else seen this?  What is the
>  >fix?
>  >You can still insert the single and double quotation marks from the
>  >Character Map on Windows, but what a pain!
>  Well, I discovered the fix is simple.  Choose Format > Document >
>  Text Options and CLEAR the Smart Quotes checkbox.  Yep, deselecting
>  this checkbox causes the appropriate opening and closing quotation
>  marks to be inserted when you press " or ".
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