Perhaps I'm missing something, but are your tables not ID tagged?
This can set the width.
Then you just have to train your writers not to resize the table (a
challenge, I realize).

Another option might be to use a FrameScript to call the Resize Columns
control -- which does have a "Scaling to width totaling XXXX" command.


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Thanks Rick, Art,

It looks like a great utility that I think will work after our
translators have put our text into their smaller page formats.

But it didn't look like you can set a max table size with the utility,
can you?

I was hoping to find a way to restrict table sizes on our side -- either
some automated way to limit the max width of each table format or some
visual cue to let our writers know this is the limit for this table. 

This would allow us to control the table issue on our side and limit the
$$ translators charge for dealing. Know what I mean?

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

In any case, thanks!


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Hi Loretta,

You may want to take a look at my TableCleaner plugin. It allows you to
resize tables in a batch. See

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

>> Hi Everyone,
>> We're looking for a way to limit the width of our tables in our 
>> template. This is so tables don't overflow when copied into different

>> page sizes during translation.
>> This includes tables with multiple columns and a single-cell tables 
>> used to hold graphics.
>> I see there's a way to resize columns to a max width on existing 
>> tables, but I don't see a setting that sets a max column/table size 
>> for a table in the Table Designer. Is it possible?
>> If not, any genius ideas?
>> Thanks,
>> Loretta

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