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>Is there any way to turn off this automatic update when exiting FrameMaker, so 
>that I can set a default directory? Or is there another way to accomplish what 
>I want from within FrameMaker?
>I can think of two workarounds:
>* Create a batch file that overrides the personalized maker.ini file with a 
>saved copy of the default one and then opens FrameMaker. Use this batch file 
>to start FrameMaker.
>* Make the personalized maker.ini file "read only." Then it cannot be updated 
>when exiting FrameMaker.
>In both of these workarounds, other settings such as RecentFiles, spell check 
>options, and zoom settings also cannot be updated.

Here's another one.  The Mif2Go demo version includes a utility,
setini.exe, that can be used to set individual .ini-file items.
In the User's Guide, it's described in par., "Changing 
configuration settings with system commands":

  You can use a system command to make an arbitrary change to the 
  configuration file, by having the command invoke command-line 
  utility setini.exe, which is included in the Mif2Go distribution.

  Command setini changes the value of a single setting:
    setini inifile.ini section keyword value

  For example:
    setini mif2htm.ini HTMLOptions NoFonts Yes
  would exclude the use of <font> tags in HTML output.

This works with any .ini file, so you could use:
  setini "C:\path\to\maker.ini" Directories OpenDirOnStart "X:\path\you\want"
in your bat file before opening Frame.  Note that the quotes are
only needed if the paths contain any spaces.

The Mif2Go demo version is available at:

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