I know I know, I did check the archives, but this was information I
have received today ... so I thought maybe there's something going on
that I hadn't noticed (not currently reading the list with the same
ardour as some months ago) ...

thanks anyway :)


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 1:54 PM, Lin Surasky <Lin.Surasky at retalix.com> wrote:
> Gosh, has it been 4 months ALREADY? I didn't think this would come up again 
> for oh, at least another week or so....
>  Where does the time go?
>  ;-)
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>  Subject: future of FrameMaker
>  Hello,
>  I would like to know if anybody has some reliable first-hand
>  information about the future of FrameMaker.  I have recently heard of
>  people having attended Adobe training sessions for FrameMaker that
>  Adobe may/will probably stop FrameMaker development.  As the
>  organization I am working for is a big user of FrameMaker (but we
>  don't currently have any direct contacts with Adobe), we are getting
>  slightly worried about the future.
>  Any insights will be greatly appreciated.
>  --
>  cheers,
>  Jakob.
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