Hello all you wonderful resources

I have a potential project where Mif2Go development experience is needed and
wondered what resources were available for that possibility. This would be
for my new speaking/coaching company. To get basic stuff up and running I
did things the "non single source way (I know, horrific thought!). Now that
I have a basic site up and am starting on additional content and deliverable
types, I am developing the content models, writing content and creating the
FrameMaker templates to handle the upcoming projects and various things I'm

So, if any of you out there have background in this area, please do let me

Off Off Topic: Although I know ya'll are FrameMaker users, I have heard some
rumblings about using AuthorIT for this type of project, especially since
I'm starting from scratch on the content. If you have pointers to articles
or comparisons, I would appreciate that information too. I've been a
FrameMaker user since 1992 and am very comfortable with it and, in general,
know how to get it to do what I want it to do. AND want to make sure I stay

Thank you for your help.

Have an awesome, passion-filled day

jerilynne knight
simpy written, inc. and
317.508.2898 (cell)

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