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At 07:00 AM 2/15/2008, Combs, Richard wrote:
>maxwell.hoffmann wrote:
> > (I've read the other replies to this post also.) Like Bernard
> > A., I too am at the annual FrameMaker Chautauqua. (A great
> > venue for new info and easy access to experts; I highly
> > recommend it!)
>I attended the 2005 Chautauqua and thought it was well worth my
>employer's money. <g> I really regret that for budget and schedule
>reasons, I couldn't attend last year's or this year's.
>Thank you, Maxwell, for this terrific post. I appreciate the information
>and insights.
>For the next year or two, every time someone posts some variant of "I
>heard FrameMaker is dead," let's all forward them Maxwell's excellent
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