Hi Lin,

See the table in the back of the attached PDF file.  It's a little out of
date but the costs are not too far off, and it will give you a ballpark
estimate of how much your job will cost.  Read the 2 pages before the table
to find out how to use it.

The cost of localization is estimated primarily by three things:
* the number of words in the document x cents per word to translate (this
varies by language)
* the number of pages in the document x dollars per page for DTP
* project management (usually 10% x the cost of localization)

In addition, there are costs if the vendor has to open graphics and
translate any text in them.  This can get expensive if there are a lot of
graphics.  As I explain in the book, to save costs on localization, always
use referenced graphics and put all callouts in text boxes over the graphic.
There can also be engineering costs for verifying links, compiling help,

I don't think you need to talk to several vendors to get a reliable
estimate. Three is usally enough. The real task is finding the right vendor
to do your job.  The book explains in detail how to do this and provides a
set of questions to ask the vendor to help screen them.  Essentially you
hire a Localization Service Provider (the L10N industry name for a
localization vendor) the same way you hire a tech writer.  Make sure they
have experience translating docs about the technology in your industry to
the languages you need.  The should know something about the technology
because they do not just translate the words you write.  Instead, they
translate phrases, and sentences. and paragraphs to the way people say
things and think in the target language, and they take into account, things
like date formats (2/14/08 in the USA vs. 14/02/08 in Europe vs. 08/02/14 in
Japan), money symbols, etc.  That's the difference between localization and

Let me now if you have any questions.


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I just received estimates from vendors for a 250 English word document
to be translated into 7 languages, including reformatting in Frame.
Range was $700-800 for that particular package. About $100 per
language for that word count.

All the vendors I chatted with were quite happy to provide an estimate
from the files I sent them... so I'd suggest taking the extra time to
talk to several vendors so you can get an accurate range.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 4:41 PM, Lin Surasky <Lin.Surasky at retalix.com>
> Hi all-
>  With the Chatauqua going on, I'm having trouble hunting people down, and
>  of course my boss needs an answer to this yesterday (even though he only
>  asked me today....)
>  We're considering translating our docs library from English into French.
>  Everything is in FrameMaker, the templates are simple and there are lots
>  of screen shots that will need to be replaced. How do you esimate a
>  project like this? How many minutes/hours per page for language
>  translation, cleanup/layout and graphics replacement? (Assume only 1
>  graphic per page....)
>  Anyone have any great sites (or insight) to share?
>  Thanks!
>  Lin
>  PS - Ann or Diane G -- I know you're out there somewhere! Help a girl
>  out, wouldya? ;-)
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