Hi Jing,

What you are trying to accomplish is a good idea, but End of Paragraph 
autonumbers always move out to the right margin. If you are using structured 
FrameMaker, you could use a Suffix Rule to add a colon where the text ends.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Hello FrameMaker experts!
> FrameMaker 7.2 on WinXP -
> We use a standard heading to introduce procedures and the text generally
> says To do <something>: then these are followed by numbered steps.
> Sometimes writers remember to type the colon at the end, sometimes they
> don't. So we thought building the colon into the autonumber format with
> Position set to End of Paragraph will do the trick.
> Unfortunately, the colon shows up at the right margin, regardless of the
> length of the heading. The paratag's alignment is set to Left. Is there
> a way to make the terminal colon show up right where the text ends?
> Thanks in advance,
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