There isn't really a way to go FM -> Wiki, i.e. there are no tools to do 
so easily. You could dump out HTML from FM and just put them in the wiki 
but that won't get you the wiki-goodness. We were able to largely 
automate the process for our first foray but it was simply an ideal 
candidate because the original content was largely uniform and the end 
product wiki was template based. I'll summarize below.

We had a book that doc'd commands (roughly 15000 of them) for a 
scripting language we use internally for our software. These commands 
were in a tabular format. There were of course some paragraphs that came 
before the commands in a section, describing their purpose or use, and 
there were several chapters that were simply explanatory text. Nothing 

We dumped this stuff out to text files. Wrote a PERL script to identify 
the various components and modify the text files. We then wrote another 
PERL script to convert that data to include the wiki template 
information. We then populated the wiki and made many manual changes. In 
total, the project took about 4 weeks including planning, which included 
deciding which wiki format we needed.

So, this is possible but that strictly depends on your content, and it 
will require extra knowledge on your end.

Hope that helps.

Will. Gaffga
Head Dude of the Docs
Gibbs and Associates
Moorpark, CA

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