You can certainly do it book-to-book.
And you can also add all the component files to a meta-book and update
them all in one pass. However, the FM method doesn't remove the old
tags -- it just updates.

So I'd look at CleanImport, which works with all formats, and also
removes the old ones -- a really nice touch when you're trying to make
things consistent.  from


On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 3:11 PM, Kelly McDaniel <kmcdaniel at> 
> I have about a dozen books of various ages, authors, formatting, etc.
>  The tag catalogs are different from file-to-file, and from book-to-book.
>  I am in the process of fixing this.
>  I want to make all Paragraph catalogs the same within all files. I know
>  the long ways to do this. Is there a bulk method?
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