Les Winberg wrote
> I have been getting an initial page count of each chapter in the book by
> clicking the chapter and getting the number of pages without opening up
> the chapter by looking at the bottom left of the screen. 
> The number of pages in the clicked chapter file of the book appears at
> the bottom left of the screen.
> I spent hours getting a count for each of about 400+ chapters and then
> noticed that when you open a chapter, the number of pages doesn't always
> match. 
> Does anyone know why this happens? What can it affect?

It's perfectly logical, actually. The page numbers and page counts shown in
the book window represent the values that were collected in the book file
during the last Update Book operation. If you edit any of the component 
files after doing an Update Book such that the chapter's page count 
changes, the book file will not know what the new count or page numbering
are until you do another Update Book. If FrameMaker has reason to believe
that the count/numbering is not up to date, it usually displays an asterisk
(analogous to a format override indicatrion), but this is not foolproof. The 
only time you can be certain the book file contains accurate page counts
is right after you've instructed it to scan all the component files by 
performing an Update Book.

-Fred Ridder

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