My last company was on an austerity campaign when I started and I did my 
provisioning off eBay with very mixed results. The FM transactions were 
trouble-free -- the sealed boxes just as advertised. I can't say the same for 
other Adobe products -- and neither eBay nor PayPal was a particle of use in 
resolving conflicts or getting me a refund for bootleg software. I followed 
their procedures to the letter and was still left holding the bag full of bad 



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Ask the seller (if not already stated in the description) whether this
is an unused, sealed copy. By the rules of eBay, wrong information
will deem the seller to refund.

Do not ask for a serial number because the seller will probably know
that such information can (sometimes?) be used illegally on "pirate"
If it is a used copy, get his/her assertion that Adobe has been
advised of the selling and the former user has been de-registered off
the copy. Adobe cannot IMHO prevent anyone from selling his/her copy,
provided that the registration things are in order.

This info is based solely on my own experience with shopping on eBay
or otherwise on the Internet.


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