Not quite right. A user cannot sell "educational", "student," or
"NFR" (demo for industry) versions. The licenses for such software
is NOT transferable.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Re: Registering a new FrameMaker license
> Ask the seller (if not already stated in the description) whether this
> is an unused, sealed copy. By the rules of eBay, wrong information
> will deem the seller to refund.
> Do not ask for a serial number because the seller will probably know
> that such information can (sometimes?) be used illegally on "pirate"
> copies.
> If it is a used copy, get his/her assertion that Adobe has been
> advised of the selling and the former user has been de-registered off
> the copy. Adobe cannot IMHO prevent anyone from selling his/her copy,
> provided that the registration things are in order.
> This info is based solely on my own experience with shopping on eBay
> or otherwise on the Internet.
> Bodvar
> On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 7:53 PM, Daniel Emory
> <danemory7224 at> wrote:
> > I recall recent posts on this subject. Specifically
> >  about buying an old version of frame from Ebay, and
> >  then registering it with adobe so as to get the
> >  upgrade price for the latest version. Apparently, part
> >  of the problem is to be sure the copy is not already
> >  registered to someone else. How can I be assured that
> >  buying the product on Ebay is eligible for
> >  registration in my name.
> >
> >  Also, I looked aroun on the Adobe website for the
> >  subject of how to register Framemaker as the crucial
> >  step in buying an upgrade.
> >

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