> Sorry... I wasn't clear. Search/replace won't work.
> It's lots and lots of different book titles, all throughout a 600 page
> manuscript. This is a legal textbook with loads of footnotes, which 
> contain
> references to many other works. The previous author set all the book 
> titles
> in all caps, now they need to be cap/lowercase (title case).
> So a search/replace doesn't work. I'm trying to avoid retyping all these
> titles. Seems like the best so far is to change the case to lower, and
> retype the initial caps where needed.

The only idea I can come up with is a wildcard search. In the Find/Change 
dialogue check "Consider Case" and "Use Wildcards." Then search for 
[A-Z][A-Z][A-Z]. This will find all instances of three capital letters in a 
row (and assumes no book titles have less than three capital letters). If 
you know the shortest number of characters in a book title, you might add 
more [A-Z] entries to eliminate finding ISBN and other acronyms. Anyway, the 
wildcard search will find the book titles, but leave you stuck changing 
their case manually. Maybe some of the better minds here will have an idea 
how to do that.

See help for "Finding and changing " and "Searching for special characters 
and nonprinting symbols" for more information.

Mike Wickham

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