I currently have 4 types of notes (in tables) in my template: Note,
Caution, Tip, and Development.
I need to add a 5th that looks the same as the Development table, using
the same icon, but with the text in the second column displaying
Implementation rather than Development.

I tried selecting the table and renaming it.
Then I created a Paragraph tag that Inserts the Implementation text.
The result is that I insert the table and the Development table appears.

I select the second column and select the Implementation paragraph tag.
If I click the icon itself, it still says Development.

Obviously, this is a workaround rather than the correct solution.
I know the answer lies in the reference page, but I can't figure this
The reference pages contain lines with two frames side by side: one with
the icon, the other with the text, such as Development: with room for
the actual note. 

But I don't out how the two separate frames are connected. 
And I don't see anything in the Table Designer to assist me.

David Kuhn
Technical Writer, PBG

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